Case Reviews on Both Living and Deceased Individuals

Forensic pathologists, including those with The Pathology Group, are often asked to review cases on deceased individuals in which the autopsy has been conducted elsewhere. Review of a death could simply mean reviewing the autopsy report but could also be more in-depth with review of everything involved with the death investigation including toxicology studies, microscopic examination, scene investigation reports, medical records, investigative photos and law enforcement reports. After review, the forensic pathologist will usually compose a written report detailing their findings and determining if they agree with the original pathologist’s report or if there were some differences noted. A forensic pathologist may also be asked to review cases on living individuals, especially those who have sustained injuries. The forensic pathologist is considered an expert in injury interpretation and determining if there is a pattern to the injuries. They also have the knowledge to interpret medical records and correlate them with the findings in other investigative materials such as law enforcement reports and photographs. A forensic pathologist can be a valuable expert with case reviews on living individuals.

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