Forensic Evaluation of Fatal Injuries

Expert examination of injuries leading to a death can provide the necessary information leading to the perpetrator and clues to the overall circumstances resulting in the death. Forensic pathologists are specifically trained in this area. They are the leading experts in examination of injuries from any means including gunshot wounds, sharp force injuries such as stab wounds and blunt force injuries like that seen in motor vehicle accidents or in assaults. There may be certain patterns to the injuries that a forensic pathologist can identify and may aid in determining the instrument or method used in the infliction of the injuries. Attorneys, law enforcement agencies and families will find consultation with a forensic pathologist in evaluation of injuries leading to a death will be invaluable to their case. Court testimony will sometimes be necessary in fatal injury cases and the forensic pathologist will have the necessary training and experience to provide this valuable testimony.

The service of evaluating fatal injuries can be a part of a complete death investigation, interpretation of injuries such as from blunt force trauma, gunshot wounds or sharp force injuries, investigation of an occupational accident with associated injuries, or evaluation of patterned injuries among others. When your case requires the evaluation of fatal injuries, our team at The Pathology Group is qualified and happy to help.

Your case can benefit from a thorough analysis of the cause of injury by having a forensic evaluation completed. These evaluations are valuable to investigators and attorneys because the evaluations determine otherwise unknown aspects of incident circumstances and can even help reconstruct the event. Forensic evaluations, integrated with other parts of the determination of cause, bring new possibilities to the knowledge of a particular incident. When it comes to forensic evaluation, all available evidence should be collected and evaluated in a professional environment. No evidence should be overlooked. In some cases, evidence may not appear to be significant at first, including injury translation, but may turn out to be profoundly important as the examination advances.

Forensic evaluation of fatal injuries is a necessary process to make definitive determinations of the cause of the fatal trauma or injury and is almost always necessary and relevant in any investigation process – criminal or otherwise. The Pathology Group is an excellent addition to your team regarding the evaluation of fatal injuries. We want your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

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