Evaluation of Non-Fatal Injuries

As with evaluation of injuries leading to a death, a forensic pathologist can also be helpful with the evaluation of non-fatal injuries. The pathologist can aid in the determination of the implement used to inflict the injury, estimation of the age of the injuries and give an opinion on the severity of the injuries. Any injury involving the human body can be expertly evaluated by a board-certified forensic pathologist. They can also provide valuable testimony in the court room on these injuries. Some forensic pathologists may be more comfortable and available to consult on cases involving non-fatal injuries. The Pathology Group has been expert consultants on several non-fatal injury cases and are willing and able to provide their expertise for future cases such as this.

Forensic evaluation of non-fatal injuries and occupational injuries can benefit individuals, legal counsel, and law enforcement agencies in criminal cases and civil cases. Dr. Havlik, a board-certified Forensic Pathologist, provides examination of records and reports to determine the correlation and consistency of the injures in question and the claims made. Throughout Grand Junction and Western Colorado, defense attorneys, prosecutors, plaintiffs, and law enforcement agencies rely on the expertise and accuracy Dr. Havlik’s decades of experience in forensic evaluation provide for their investigations and cases. In addition to Dr. Havlik’s forensic assessment, he provides expert guidance through technical, medical terms and issues and participates further in claims by providing reports, deposition, and testimony.

When clients work with Dr. Havlik, they do so because of his exemplary reputation and experience in the field of Forensic Pathology. Dr. Havlik has served Grand Junction, CO and Mesa County for over 20 years in the capacities of Mesa County Coroner, Forensic Pathologist, Clinical Pathologist, Anatomic Pathologist, and Laboratory Director at Community Hospital Contact Dr. Havlik today for a consultation on your case.

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