Forensic Expert Witness

Law enforcement, attorneys and other individuals involved in legal proceedings may need the services of various experts to assist in their case. There are several types of forensics experts and depending on the case, a board-certified forensic pathologist may be the ideal expert for forensic matters related to a case. A forensic pathologist has the training and expertise in a number of forensic disciplines including autopsy, interpretation of injuries and injury patterns, human disease processes, toxicology, evidence interpretation and medical record review among other aspects. An experienced forensic pathologist will usually have previously testified in court on a number of occasions and should be well versed in the court proceedings, how to interact with attorneys and the ideal way to convey information to the jury and judge during witness testimony.

Your Case Deserves a Professional Forensic Expert Witness
When We Handle Your Forensic Expert Witness Needs You Can Focus on Winning Your Case

In some circumstances, having the right professional expert witness can make your case. This is why Dean Havlik, MD of The Pathology Group, P.C. has spent countless hours ensuring partnerships with law enforcement agencies, law offices and civilian clients so they receive the highest quality forensic testimony available not only in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas in Western Colorado but also throughout Colorado and the US. When partnering with The Pathology Group, P.C., you will receive professional forensic expert witness testimony from a board-certified Forensic Pathologist and Medical Doctor who completed his forensics training at one of the most prestigious training programs in our country. Dr. Havlik has spent over 20 years developing customized approaches to each case he works with. Dr. Havlik’s experience from his training, the several thousands of cases he has investigated and almost 100 court testimonies have allowed him to establish respected rapport with attorneys, judges and law enforcement professionals. He has testified in both criminal and civil cases and during court proceedings can explain an often complex medical subject matter in clear concise simple terms so the jury, judge and attorneys can easily understand and follow along. If you decide to consult with The Pathology Group, P.C. and Dr. Havlik you can expect an organized approach to the consultation including a request for the necessary documents to perform an accurate expert opinion, clear communication on the progress of the consultation and a fast turnaround from the time of receipt of all of the necessary materials to a professional report that includes the findings and expert opinion.

Dr. Havlik, M.D.
Experienced Forensic Expert Witness

  • Forensic expert witness
  • Forensic expert consulting
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Expert advice on scientific and technical aspects of your case
  • Criminal case testimony
  • Civil case testimony
  • Additional expert opinion on evidence and information previously reviewed by attorney
  • Provision of tested evidence which is gathered by professional standardized laboratory protocol
  • Provision of technical information related to your case
  • Organized and logical presentation of facts, data and information which support conclusions
  • Effective reports supported by valid documentation
  • Help you to stay focused on the important issues of your case
  • Provisions for discovery process

People Have Noticed We Do Great Things

Besides individual citizens and their families, we’ve worked with District Attorney’s Offices, Public Defender’s Offices, private attorneys and law enforcement offices. Dr. Havlik’s work has been complimented by many of these entities and he and his staff are well respected not only locally but statewide and even nationally. The Pathology Group, P.C. is nationally accredited through the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME), which is the most respected accrediting body for forensic pathology offices. Being accredited means that the office and its personnel practice the highest standards for both quality and safety.

Put Our Forensic Expert Witness to Work for You

Dr. Havlik’s expertise, combined with an in-house forensic pathology support team, provide unparalleled service and trust to your individual case needs. Utilize the most professional forensic expert witness available in Colorado. We want to put our skill and knowledge to work for you and your clients. Let us know how we can help by calling or completing our contact form [link to contact page].

Forensic Expert Consultation

We are available for your consultation needs whether it be related to a death investigation or with injury interpretation in live subjects. Our group has the experience and expertise to review medical records, law enforcement reports, autopsy reports, toxicology reports, other medical reports, scene photographs and injury photographs with subsequent detailed summary of the findings. Our fees are also priced fairly and range from $300 to $500 per hour.


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