Forensic Toxicology

Toxicology is the interpretation and performance of drug tests. In forensics, toxicology can be a very important aspect of an investigation. Most death investigations that undergo autopsy also have toxicology performed. Unfortunately, drug intoxication is one of the more common ways people die and they are usually classified as accident or suicide. Toxicology has always been a key component to death investigations, but it has been highlighted even more with the “opioid epidemic” that began in the year 2017 which saw a vast increase in the numbers of deaths due to drug intoxication. Some of the larger medical examiner offices in the US have their own toxicology laboratory but the majority of forensic offices use the services of private forensic toxicology laboratories. Forensic toxicology is a component of the training of forensic pathologists and they are considered experts in the interpretation of forensic toxicology results. It is important for the forensic pathologist to have a good relationship with the forensic toxicology laboratory they use and to have the ability to discuss cases with a forensic toxicologist. In court proceedings, the forensic pathologist may be asked questions regarding toxicology studies. Depending on the case, the forensic toxicologist may also be asked to testify in court.

The information and knowledge forensic toxicology provides are critical for families, communities, investigators, regulatory agencies, and lawmakers. Only with the provision of accurate forensic toxicology that programs, laws, and policies are put into place to limit our exposures to harmful substances for public safety, disease prevention, or other dangerous health outcomes.

Forensic Toxicologists must make conclusions which investigators and agencies can rely on for isolated investigations, court cases, public safety, and many more circumstances. The adverse effects of physical, biological, and chemical agents are far-reaching. They can take many forms ranging from immediate death to subtle symptoms, which may go untreated for months or longer.

The Pathology Group, P.C., brings abundant experience in forensic toxicology and provides excellence in this field utilizing accurate conclusions, expert opinions, professional reporting, and extensive understanding of how various agents cause harm to life. In addition to providing impeccable toxicology services, our professionals are here to help you interpret and understand the provided reports, terminology, methods, and reasoning for the conclusions of your report. TPG can provide you with the confidence and assurance of expert evaluation in your case; we encourage you to contact us for a consult that will assist you in your initial forensic toxicology evaluation, second opinion, or interpretation of an existing forensic pathology report.

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