Medical-Legal Consultation

Forensic pathologists are often called upon to provide their expertise in medical-legal matters such as giving their opinion on cause and manner of death and also for their interpretation of medical records, injuries and injury patterns. Medical-legal consultations could be for cases involving either living or deceased individuals. District attorney offices, public defenders’ offices, private attorneys, law enforcement agencies and victim’s families are just some of the entities that could benefit from the services of a forensic pathologist for consultations. A consultation could vary from a simple review of an injury to complete review of a case to include autopsy reports, autopsy photographs, law enforcement reports, medical records and scene/investigation photographs. After review of the necessary information and documents, a detailed report of the findings is often generated. The forensic pathologist would also be available for expert court testimony in the cases they review.

Medical-Legal Consultation
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Dean Havlik, MD, has been practicing Medical-Legal Consultation in tandem with other forensic pathology services in Grand Junction, CO, for approximately 20 years. He is a nationally published and regionally recognized in his areas of expertise of anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, and forensic pathology. Dr. Havlik is known for delivering valuable expert medicolegal consulting to attorneys and their clients in Grand Junction, other areas in western Colorado and throughout the entire state of Colorado.

Dr. Havlik understands the complexity of civil litigation matters and uses extensive resources to professionally evaluate medical records to counsel in and determine a case’s viability. He can expertly identify critical medical information with his extensive forensic pathology experience and working with litigation teams. Dr. Havlik’s processes and his team of forensic pathology professionals provide unsurpassed value by delivering the best available medical, legal consulting services in Grand Junction and beyond.

Whether Dr. Havlik is analyzing volumes of medical records, compiling the precise chronologies for attorneys, or evaluating mass actions, he acts with competence, integrity, and care to provide the best medical, legal consult possible to each case he supports.

Medical Malpractice Consulting

Dr. Dean Havlik, an in-house physician at The Pathology Group, P.C.. provides comprehensive medical malpractice litigation support and consulting. Dr. Havlik and his staff provide:

  • Case analyses
  • Medical litigation consulting services
  • Medical-legal consulting
  • Analysis of, organization of, and chronologies of medical records
  • Expert case analysis
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of other medical experts
  • Help prepare their clients for cross-examination of opposing medical experts

The Pathology Group, P.C.

  • Provides predictability of success to your case
  • Case evaluations are completed by a board-certified physician who has extensive experience in litigation support
  • Provides an experienced and reputable team
  • Provides expert evaluations of
    • Standard of care issues
    • Medical causation
    • Scientific causation
  • Provides damage analysis

Dr. Havlik welcomes the opportunity to support you in your medical-legal matters. To begin, please visit and submit our contact form. We will be in touch!

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