Relationships the Mesa County Coroner has with Other Agencies

It is essential the Mesa County Coroner’s Office have a respectful relationship with other entities in the county, state and even nationally. Local law enforcement agencies depend on the Coroner’s Office to conduct a comprehensive and competent death investigation. The Coroner’s Office personnel must interact appropriately with the law enforcement agencies and provide results in a timely manner. The District Attorney’s Office is another entity the Mesa County Coroner’s Office often has interactions. Some deaths will result in cases going to court and the results of the Coroner’s Office’s investigation and autopsy may be discussed in the court of law. The forensic pathologist performing the autopsy is often the individual testifying in court and therefore the pathologist should be readily available to testify, skilled in providing information in court and be able to interact appropriately with attorney’s, the judge and the jury. There are many other agencies and individuals who rely on the Mesa County Coroner for accurate and timely information including the Public Defender’s Office, other attorneys’ offices, the Mesa County Health Department, the state Health Department, local organizations such as the Suicide Coalition, local committees such as the Child Fatality Review Committee and probably most importantly the family of the decedent’s they investigate. The Mesa County Coroner’s Office should also be at the forefront and assisting all these other agencies and individuals in situations such as mass disasters and infectious disease outbreaks including the current COVID-19 pandemic.