Breast Pathology

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. A pathologist is a key member of the breast cancer diagnostic team. Timely and accurate diagnosis of breast biopsies is an important component of most hospital pathology practices. Patients are often eager to know their tissue biopsy diagnosis but none more so than those undergoing biopsy of a breast lesion. The pathologist should communicate their results to the physician of record as soon as they are confident of the diagnosis in order to help alleviate the anxiety of waiting for results that patient’s often experience with breast biopsies. It is important to remember that men are not excluded from breast cancer. A pathologist is responsible for diagnosis of breast lesions but if a breast cancer is detected, the work doesn’t end there for the pathologist. Several prognostic and therapeutic markers should be performed on all newly diagnosed breast cancers including hormonal studies (estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor) and Her2 status. The Pathology Group is very experienced with breast biopsy interpretation and performing all the necessary specialized studies that goes along with breast cancer diagnosis.

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